Radiologic Technologist Salaries

    The field of radiologic technology provides opportunities to help others while potentially earning a salary above the US average, with expectations for positive job growth in the coming years. As you consider earning a degree in radiologic technology, you should become familiar with the various influences on radiologic technologist pay. These include the type of work environment, geographic area, the tech’s experience and education, and the modality or modalities in which a tech is trained. Continue reading to find comparisons showing how these factors influence earning potential as well as in-depth information on radiologic technologist (RT) or radiographer salaries by state.

    How much do radiologic technologists make?

    According to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), as of 2022, the national average annual salary for radiologic technologists was $77,027.1 The majority (49.7%) of radiologic technologists hold an associate degree, while 30% have a bachelor’s degree, 12.6% have one or more certificates, and 6.5% have a master’s degree.1 However, those with higher levels of education do tend to earn more than those with an associate degree. The average salary for a radiographer with an associate was $62,198, compared to $66,225 with a bachelor’s, $67,995 with certificates, and $78,996 with a master’s; the increases in salary with increases in education tend to hold true across modalities.1

    At the same time, the modalities in which a radiologic tech specializes during their education can also make a noticeable difference in pay. According to the ASRT, staff technologists working in bone densitometry earned an average annual salary of $69,541, compared to technologists working in vascular sonography ($77,136) or radiologist assistant ($117,763).1 The table below provides an overview of what radiologic technologists make, on average, by core practice area.

    Radiologic Technologist Salary and Outlook

    The salary a rad tech can expect varies widely on a variety of factors, including the highest level of education achieved, geographic area, and the modalities an individual is qualified to practice. Below you will find a quick look at national average salaries for radiologic technologists by area of practice. Be sure to check out our ranking of the best states for radiologic technologists for an in-depth comparison of salaries and job outlook by state.

    OccupationTypical Min. Degree RequiredUS Number Employed2,3,4Avg. Annual Job Openings2Avg. Annual Salary1,3-10Top-Paying Industry3-10Industry with Highest
    3D Imaging TechnologistBachelor’sN.Av.N.Av.$93,602N.Av.N.Av.
    Bone Densitometry TechnologistAssociateN.Av.N.Av.$69,541N.Av.N.Av.
    Breast MRI TechnologistBachelor’sN.Av.N.Av.$119,944N.Av.N.Av.
    Breast SonographerAssociateN.Av.N.Av.$87,083N.Av.N.Av.
    Cardiac Interventional RadiographerBachelor’sN.Av.N.Av.$88,464N.Av.N.Av.
    CT Scan TechnologistAssociateN.Av.N.Av.$78,159N.Av.N.Av.
    MRI TechnologistAssociate42,0003,400$82,395Outpatient care centersGeneral medical and surgical hospitals
    Medical DosimetryBachelor’sN.Av.N.Av.$131,776N.Av.N.Av.
    Medical Physicist**Master’s7,000600$100,370Medical equipment and supplies manufacturingScientific research and development services
    Nuclear Medicine TechnologistBachelor’s18,3001,500$88,576Outpatient care centersGeneral medical and surgical hospitals
    PACS AdministratorBachelor’sN.Av.N.Av.$95,033N.Av.N.Av.
    PET TechnologistBachelor’sN.Av.N.Av.$96,857N.Av.N.Av.
    Radiation TherapistAssociate17,7001,100$96,650Outpatient care centersGeneral medical and surgical hospitals
    Radiologic Technician (Limited Scope X-Ray Tech)*Certificate162,800N.Av.$50,790Scientific research and development servicesGeneral medical and surgical hospitals
    Radiologic TechnologistAssociate212,10017,400$77,027Scientific research and development servicesGeneral medical and surgical hospitals
    Radiologist AssistantBachelor’sN.Av.N.Av.$117,763N.Av.N.Av.
    RadiologistDoctorate29,250N.Av.$329,080Outpatient care centersOffices of physicians
    Sonographer (Ultrasound Technician)Associate75,9007,300$82,368Outpatient care centersGeneral medical and surgical hospitals
    Vascular Interventional RadiographerAssociateN.Av.N.Av.$83,934N.Av.N.Av.
    Vascular SonographerAssociateN.Av.N.Av.$77,136Outpatient care centersGeneral medical and surgical hospitals

    “N.Av.” indicates no data available.
    *Limited scope x-ray techs are not tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) so we used health technologists and technicians, all other as a proxy.
    **Medical physicists are included with other life scientists for the purposes of job and salary data collected by the BLS.

    Radiologic Technologist Salaries by State

    This sortable radiology tech salary and job outlook table provides key data for individuals interested in starting a career as a radiologic technologist. You will find the average annual salary for radiologic technologists in your state as well as the projected growth rate for radiologic and diagnostic tech jobs in all categories from 2020 to 2030. Note that while we use the group of radiologic technologists as a proxy for salary, the imaging specialty selected may result in a higher or lower average salary. For example, diagnostic medical sonographers earn an average annual salary of $75,380, while MRI technologists earn an average annual salary of $77,360.4,5 Additionally, you can find the percentage of the median home list price that the average salary buys and the number of radiologic and diagnostic techs employed in each state. The states are ranked based on a combination of the job growth rate and the average salary/median home price ratio. Click on your state to learn about radiologic technology programs in your state.

    RankStateUS Average2022 Average Radiologic Tech Salary9$70,2402023 Zillow Median Property List Price11$346,856% of Median Home Average Salary Buys (Higher = Better)20.3%2020 Total Radiologic/ Diagnostic Techs Employed2406,500Projected Radiologic/ Diagnostic Tech Employment in 20302448,60010-Year Growth Rate (2020-2030)210%Best States for Radiologic/ Diagnostic Techs (Avg=1)1
    2West Virginia$61,330$154,97939.6%3,2703,73014%1.8
    4North Dakota$63,360$248,79325.5%1,6001,88018%1.4
    13New Mexico$66,480$288,22723.1%2,7603,20016%1.3
    19New York$81,200$436,74518.6%27,32032,60019%1.2
    30North Carolina$63,110$323,48719.5%12,40014,14014%1.1
    32South Carolina$59,610$284,39621.0%6,2907,03012%1.1
    33South Dakota$58,900$292,77720.1%1,8302,10015%1.1
    37New Jersey$78,800$468,09616.8%11,14012,57013%1.0
    40Washington DC$82,740$579,57513.2%8,0209,40017%1.0
    47New Hampshire$73,200$448,03416.3%1,8602,0209%0.8
    50Rhode Island$76,010$427,88117.8%1,4601,5204%0.7

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